Joe Murray AKA AJ Sour Diesel

Joe Murray A.K.A. A.J. Sour Diesel | In episode 16 of Light Culture Podcast, Paper Magazine founder David Hershkovits sits down with creator of the infamous New York Sour Diesel cannabis strain, A.J. Sour Diesel.

He’s quick to give credit to others, but when it comes to his role in introducing high quality hydroponic weed into the marketplace Joe Murray A.K.A. A.J. Sour Diesel, is second to none. A contemporary of Chem Dog, Weasel and The Albany Gang, he was one of those kids in the 90s, barely out of high school on a mission to find the best weed in the city. Dead Heads and Wetlands, a downtown club where jam bands played and the best weed was brought to market, figures in this story as does genetics, seeds and the persistent search for the best weed that money can buy. Under the radar for years, A.J. joins us on Light Culture Podcast to set the record straight on cannabis culture and how we got here.


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