Travis Mills & Nick Gross – Pop-Punk’s Girlfriends

Travis Mills and Nick Gross | In episode 114 of Light Culture Podcast, Paper Magazine founder David Hershkovits talks with Travis Mills and Nick Gross, also known as the band Girlfriends, who are releasing a new album, (e)motion sickness, next week. 

Travis Mills and Nick Gross are Girlfriends. No, not like that. Like the pop punk band Girlfriends that’s dropping new singles as we speak with a full-length album out this summer. Once known by the stage name T.Mills, Travis rose to fame as a rapper collaborating with the likes of T.I., Dom Kennedy, and Ty Dolla $ign. He is also an actor and the host of the “Travis Mills Show” on Apple 1 Radio. Nick has produced songs for Ariane Grande and Wiz Khalifa while also playing drums for the band Goldfinger. He’s a serial entrepreneur and CEO of Big Noise Music Group. We talk about the resurgence of pop-punk, outlaw culture, the punk-hip hop connection, genre-free music, mental health and giving back.


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