Alchemist’s Kitchen’s Lou Sagar

Alchemist’s Kitchen’s Lou Sagar | In episode 37 of Light Culture Podcast, Paper Magazine founder David Hershkovits sits down with alternative health expert and entrepreneur Lou Sagar.

Health and wellness have taken on a new sense of importance in the age of COVID. Many people in the face of uncertainty have turned to alternative medicine to strengthen their immune systems as a preventative measure. Lou Sagar, forever ahead of the curve, has already dedicated his career to bringing herbs, botanicals, mushrooms, and cannabis front-and-center in the health and wellness space. Lou Sagar is the activist CEO of Alchemist’s Kitchen and Evolver, two mainstays of alternative medicine practice. Lou took some time amid a city in crisis–his store in NYC has remained open because it is also a restaurant–to share his knowledge about natural medicine.


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