Futura’s Next Act

Futura’s Next Act | In episode 32 of Light Culture Podcast, Paper Magazine founder David Hershkovits sits down with multifaceted artist Futura.

Lenny “Futura” McGurr is a Navy veteran, OG New York graffiti artist, commercially successful visual artist, and much more. One of the most authentic and original people to ever do it, Futura is a legend in the story of the birth of Hip Hop culture and in its proliferation today. Along the way, he toured with The Clash, became friends with Virgil Abloh, collaborated with Gortex and Commes des Garcons, designed the livery of the new BMW M2. And there’s much more to learn about the multi-faceted international art star Lenny “Futura” McGurr who joins us on Light Culture Podcast for a chat with his old friend David.


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