Chelsea Leyland

Chelsea Leyland, DJ and CBD Activist | In episode 25 of Light Culture Podcast, Paper Magazine founder David Hershkovits sits down with DJ and CBD legalization activist Chelsea Leyland.

Chelsea Leyland is brave. At one time the fashion world’s favorite DJ, Leyland shifted her focus to advocating for CBD legalization and research after realizing it was extremely effective to treat her epilepsy. Chelsea discovered on her own that CBD could replace the anticonvulsant drugs (and intense side effects) she had been taking for most of her life. Upset that her doctors had never considered this option and that her sister at home in the U.K., who also has epilepsy, was not able to use CBD due to prohibition, Leyland became an activist. Today she shares her story and works to educate the world about the effectiveness of CBD to treat epilepsy and the potential of further research if only the government and medical profession got on board.


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