Jefferson Osei of Daily Paper– From Blog to Global Fashion Brand

Jefferson Osei | In episode 112 of Light Culture Podcast, Paper Magazine founder David Hershkovits talks with Jefferson Osei, one of the founders of Daily Paper a blog turned global fashion brand with headquarters in Amsterdam and a flagship store on the Lower East Side of New York

My guest today is Jefferson Osei, who along with his childhood friends Abderrahmane Trabsini and Hussein Suleiman, first started a blog – hence the name Daily Paper – that focused on their shared love for music, art, fashion, and culture. All that changed when they released a small collection of t-shirts that went viral. Today Daily Paper is a growing luxury fashion brand Inspired by African heritage –as well music, art, fashion and culture – translated toward a more western narrative. With retail stores in Amsterdam, New York and London – and fans like F1 driver Lewis Hamilton –  it’s full steam ahead for this forward thinking brand.


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