Conversations with Cultural Disruptors

Light Culture Podcast is for cultural disruptors. David Hershkovits, the co-founder of Paper Magazine, takes listeners on a journey as he interviews some of the key creatives of our era. Together, they tell the story of how subcultures in music, art, fashion, business, sports, media, food, and cannabis go from niche passion to global culture. Along the way David and his guest of the week cover topics in culture and society from current events to musical history to media and business strategies and much more.

David Hershkovits has been on the frontlines of the culture wars since 1984 as publisher, editor, and writer at Paper Magazine. As a journalist, he has followed the rise of hip hop, indie film, the crossover of fashion and streetwear, and the new cannabis culture for a range of publications including Vanity Fair, GQ, New York Daily News, and the Village Voice.

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